GTSO invites the ANR

infographie politique de science ouverte de l'anrOn November 14, the Open Science Working Group (GTSO) of the Couperin consortium hosted Zoé Ancion, open science project manager for the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).
Zoé Ancion began by recalling that the ANR recommends that its beneficiaries submit their publications to an open archive since 2007, this recommendation being reinforced with the improvement of the national context in favour of open science since 2016, to become a policy within the framework of the National Open Science Plan in 2018.

This policy has two components:
– on the one hand, open access to publications: the laureates of the 2019 call for proposals are required to submit articles from funded projects to an open repository (HAL or a local or thematic repository), even if they have published them in a gold OA journal ; the submission may be subject to a 6-month embargo for the STM and 12 months for the HSS.
– on the other hand, open access to research data: the agency requires that a data management plan (DMP) is provided within 6 months of the project’s start by the successful candidates in the 2019 call for projects. This deliverable is scalable, to be updated as often as necessary, and there is no obligation to use the ANR’s DMP model. Moreover, the ANR does not in any way oblige the opening of data, in accordance with the principle « as open as possible, as closed as necessary » in force in the European open science policy.

The emphasis on research data was reflected in the organisation of the first call for projects specific to open research practices and data (« AAP Flash Science Ouverte »): 25 projects were selected from the 100 responses received; they relate to both the establishment or strengthening of networks (RDA, GOFAIR) and the development of tools and services.

Zoé Ancion pointed out that the ANR works in a concerted way within a network of several funding organizations (ANSES, iNCA, ADEME, ANRS), which will soon request the same type of mandate. She also clarified the position of the ANR regarding Plan S: the agency has chosen to commit itself to cOAlition S to promote the French vision of open science, with an emphasis on bibliodiversity and on the green road. The main challenges in the implementation of Plan S are now to expand the membership of cOAlition S (especially to Latin America), to reach zero embargoes, and to obtain the preservation of copyright by researchers.
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